In Memory of
Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier

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Welcome to the Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier Golf Tournament Website!

                                 Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier's Funeral September 6, 1994. St. Peter's Church Dorchester Ma.   



On September 2, 1994 Massachusetts State Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier was killed in the line of duty. His murder will remain with us forever. Mark was special beyond common men. He was our guiding light to do the right thing, to fight crime and stand up to evil. 
For the past 24 years we have celebrated Mark’s life by paying tribute to him with a Road Race and Golf Tournament. “Charbo’s Run” was a 5 mile road race through Dorchester and Milton that celebrated one of Mark’s true passions, running. This race ended after 10 years and drew as many as 8,000 runners. “Charbo’s Run” raised close to $500,000 in its 10 year run and is still considered one of the largest Law Enforcement Road Races.     Although the road race ended after 10 years the Golf Tournament still is going strong. Mark loved the game and it seemed only fitting to bring  together a group of friends, that knew and loved Mark, out for a day of golf. This tournament grew to 3 full courses with over 500 golfers continuing to make this a tremendous tribute to a true hero.
    “Charbo’s Run” and The Memorial Golf Tournament has given my family and friends a wonderful feeling of community, and a sense of sharing Mark’s loss for a common good.
    While nothing can fill the hole that is left by the passing of Mark, the outpouring of support from all participants in these events helps us all to cope with our loss. It also allows us to continue the legacy of helping others in our community.
    The Trooper Mark Charbonnier Scholarship Fund has established many perpetual educational scholarships at all levels, from elementary to undergraduate, and has donated to many worthwhile causes.
    Mark loved his Country and this State and that’s why he dedicated his life to its protection. He paid the ultimate sacrifice, but it does not have to be in vain. The funds raised by both events will continue to be a tribute to his life.  We the family and friends of Trooper Mark Charbonnier hope those who have benefitted will carry on the legacy in the spirit of love and caring that epitomized Mark’s outlook on Life.                      To remember Mark please go to                       


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